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Let’s leave layers, legacy + egos at the door.

How Do We 'LeftTurn' This?

Our ‘Aha’ moment came when we removed ourselves from the ‘race to right’ and started asking questions to challenge the status quo.
We are programmed to do the right thing, say the right thing and produce the right work. What happens when we free ourselves from these restraints? What happens when instead of going right, we take a LeftTurn?
From question to creative compass, ‘How do we LeftTurn this?’ encourages us to reconsider and reinvent.

Let’s get deep

Our values are life. LeftTurn life.
They’re at the core of everything we say, think and do.
We stay true by making sure every client or circle partner we welcome into our “home” is aligned with who we are and what we stand for. 
Collaborative Connections


Tanya Garcia
Managing Director & VP Client Service
Harness the power of this force of nature!
Valued. Understood. Confident. If you’d like to feel those things, you’d like Tanya. Within minutes of chatting, you’ll be put at ease and excited for what’s to come. She’ll share in your world as she becomes an extension of your team and your number one advocate for success.
Tanya’s seamless abilities are backed by extensive experience at local and global agencies. She has developed multi-channel marketing programs for businesses at home and abroad with a focus on retail, CPG, transportation, health care and not for profit.
Ann-Marie Burton
VP, Business Development & Operations
Blink and you’ll miss this entrepreneurial spirit!
Ann-Marie is a whirlwind wizard of ideas, heart and drive. If you say it, she will make it so. Her background in entrepreneurship, integrated events and digital marketing gives her a unique, insider perspective when setting and achieving client goals.
She’s worked on some of Canada’s biggest consumer brands and understands the importance and sustainability of a strong, cohesive team that dares to be different.

Our Leaders

Pam Murdock
Director, Client Service
Jessica Kragten
Director, Content Strategy
Katie Turton
Director, Digital Strategy
Janka Mifsud
Director, Technology
Lauren Owen-Hicks
Director, Creative
LeftTurn Circle
Our expansive network of expert B2B + B2C marketing professionals who work with LeftTurn on specific project and client work.

Does it seem like a lean left team? Not so.

With depth of experience, expertise and a team that rivals a larger firm, our LeftTurn Circle is a curated bunch of different. We expand and contract our supplier team based on specific client needs. We are open about the flexible nature of our resources. That’s how we can offer such superb service on a budget. Although our team is fluid, your client service never is. Projects and contact is always rooted with a LeftTurn lead. When you’re dealing with us, you always get our A-team.

Turn Left Here

There’s no exact path in The Left Way. Wondering if we are too different? Or not different enough? Curious about a second opinion or if LeftTurn can help? We never shy away from a chat to learn more about you.

5063 N Service Rd
Burlington, ON
L7L 5H6