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CDAP Webinar

Learn more about:

  • What CDAP (the Canadian Digital Adoption Program) is and if you’re eligible
  • How Canadian-owned small and medium sized for profit business, can attain up to $15,000 through the Boost Your Business Technology grant
  • How LeftTurn, as an approved Digital Advisor, can create a tailored digital plan to help you adopt new technologies to meet your business goals and edge out your competition


Business Needs Assessment
We will review your operations, current technology, and business and marketing strategy to identify where you can benefit from digital transformation — and what to prioritize.
Digital Solutions
Based on your needs and business objectives, we’ll suggest various platforms and capabilities that will support your digital transformation.

Technology Strategy + Roadmap

Finally, we’ll design a comprehensive digital strategy with steps, timelines, and resources to achieve your digital transformation goals.

Our CDAP Success

Become a CDAP Client
We’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to and working with many unique companies via CDAP Program, all with the common goal of doing better business.
For those looking for continued digital and marketing support, CDAP allows you to dip a proverbial toe into the agency world before diving in. The Canadian Digital Adoption Program gives you the opportunity to test us out, almost for free. Fair warning, we do tend to grow on you! Check out our CDAP case studies to learn more about our clients and success with the Boost Your Technology CDAP Grant.

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