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We Go Left

When they
Go Right

We teamed up and took left turns into agency ownership after careers built in the traditional advertising, marketing and digital industry. Founded in 2018, LeftTurn Strategy is grounded in Different. Our female led and owned agency strives to hire & engage other different industry experts to join our LeftTurn circle and serve the needs of our clients who also hold the value of ‘different’ high. — The path forward is exciting and led by two strong women who want to make a difference in your brand and business goals.

Tanya Garcia

Managing Director & VP Client Service

I am your advocate. I’m here to be your partner. After working in traditional agencies, I want to do different. For me, relationships are what matters: that means our relationship, and understanding the relationship you have with your own customers. From local agencies to global agencies, I’ve developed multi-channel marketing programs for businesses around the corner, and business around the world with a focus on retail, CPG, transportation, health care and not for profit. I’m proud to run a business that makes sense for today’s landscape because we do agency different.

Ann-Marie Burton

Managing Director & VP Client Service

At my core, I’m an entrepreneur. And I take that spirit with me in everything I do. My middle name is Different. With a background in entrepreneurship, integrated events and digital marketing, this is a pillar in our business and allows me to look at client goals in a different way. I’ve worked on some of Canada’s biggest consumer brands and understand how important it is to have a strong and unique team on your side to develop and sustain different. I’m proud to be building a marketing agency that specializes in different. Always game for a left hand wave and a conversation about what you’re thinking about. 

LeftTurn Team

Pam Murdock

Director, Client Service

Lauren Owen-Hicks

Creative Director

Janka Mifsud

Director, Technology

Taina Suomela

Director, Digital

Brittany Dinnalo

Director, Social

LeftTurn Circle

Our expansive network of expert marketing professionals that work with LeftTurn on specific project and client work.

Who's Left

That’s different, there’s no long list of placeholder team members here. 

Does it seem like a lean left team? Not so. With depth of experience, expertise and a team that rivels a larger firm, our LeftTurn Circle is a curated bunch of different. We expand and contract our supplier team based on specific client needs. Tanya & Ann-Marie cultivate and lead our team and are open about the flexible nature of our resources. That’s how LeftTurn can offer such superb service on a budget. Although our team is fluid, your client service never is. Projects and contact is always rooted with a LeftTurn lead.

We're Always Hiring

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Turn Left Here

There’s no exact path in The Left Way. Wondering if we are too different? Or not different enough? Curious about a second opinion or if LeftTurn can help? We never shy away from a chat to learn more about you.

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