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See how you stack up to your competitors and gain insight into how you can separate yourself in a sea of sameness. 


We’re giving away a limited number of FREE mini brand and digital health checks.
SIGN UP NOW and you’ll receive a short, 2 minute survey that will acquaint us with your company and your goals. We’ll use this information to tailor your report.

Mini Brand + Digital Health Check

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Our personalized approach

Here’s what our team will review for your business and your top 3 competitors: 

  • Website copy, design + functionality
  • Site health
  • Organic social media 
  • Organic search 

We’ll then distill that data down into a pretty and impactful report. 

Your results will be delivered live (at your convenience) within one week of receiving your survey by our very own Ann-Marie, VP, Business Development & Operations. Talk about a value-add!


If it’s been a while since you’ve checked in on your brand or you’ve yet to do it altogether, this is your sign. A brand and digital health check gives you a big-picture overview of your marketing efforts and how well they’re supporting your business goals.


LeftTurn is “all-in” agile brand + digital marketing agency that thinks big and acts small to keep your company evolving

Our lean core team connects strong and specific collaborators uniquely suited to your brand when and where needed without the traditional overhead investment of typical agencies.

Whether that’s constructing a completely new brand identity, creating content that connects or crafting an online marketing campaign, the way we work is proudly different.

Turn Left Here

There’s no exact path in The Left Way. Wondering if we are too different? Or not different enough? Curious about a second opinion or if LeftTurn can help? We never shy away from a chat to learn more about you.

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Burlington, ON
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