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May 15, 2024

How To Unleash Agency Awesomeness: Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing landscape of marketing and advertising? Unsure of whether your current strategies are truly resonating with your audience? Perhaps you’ve considered working with an agency but are hesitant due to past experiences or misconceptions about cost and necessity.

Whatever your objections, we’ve both heard and felt them at one time or another.

We’ve been at this for a while, and trust us when we say we have seen some things. We won’t kiss and tell; however, we will share the essence of the lessons, so you’ll be better off connecting with an agency that makes sense for you and your business.

Join us as we sit in on a captivating conversation with Ann-Marie Burton and Tanya Garcia, the visionary leaders and loud thinkers (and sayers!) behind LeftTurn Strategy.

In this candid episode of the Turning Left Podcast, they tackle common pain points and myths surrounding agency collaborations (hint: not everyone plays nicely in the sandbox!), offering insights that can reshape your approach to marketing and advertising.

Whether struggling to navigate the digital landscape, feeling constrained by rigid agency structures, or simply seeking a fresh perspective to revitalize your marketing efforts, our Why You Need A Marketing Agency episode is a game changer.

However, if you’re pressed for time, you can bookmark that one and catch the Coles notes below.

Here are 5 key takeaways to vet your next agency relationship and find the right fit!

1. F.I.F.O., In The Best Way Possible

Beyond typical agency objections: they’re too expensive, we have an internal team, and our business is too small for outside help; in our experience, it all comes down to finding the right fit and working with people you like. 

The right agency will know how to seamlessly manage your budget and expectations while keeping your business moving forward. Our favourite way to work is as an extension of your team. We act as a fractional CMO for many of our clients, helping to lighten their load and provide strategic direction when needed

That’s right. We don’t create work for the sake of work and don’t pressure our clients to do more than they’re comfortable with; the only thing we’ll be pushy about is getting results. Need to dial back or scale up? You tell us, and we’ll be there when you call. 

2. No Egos Allowed: Collaboration Trumps Competition

In a world fixated on competition, collaboration emerges as the true winner.

We’re big fans of the “no a**holes allowed” philosophy. It just makes our work (and yours) more fun, We’re all about teamwork and fostering partnerships that transcend egos and silos. We’re more than happy to be at the table regardless of the size of our role.

When you’re confident in what you have to offer, there’s less need to get your elbows up and more focus on the work at hand. That being said, we can throw down if need be.

Whether it’s working alongside existing partners, internal teams, or other agencies, we believe collaboration breeds innovation and synergy. The goal? To achieve collective success by leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise.

3. Know Your Audience to Grow Your Audience

If you’re going to nail one thing when it comes to marketing, know who you are talking to.

In a world cluttered with noise and confusion, clarity reigns supreme. You must understand your audience inside out. It’s not just about selling; it’s about speaking their language and addressing their needs. Effective communication hinges on this intimate understanding, guiding businesses through the marketing maze with precision and insight.

And guess what? Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t and shouldn’t be a process that costs 30K and takes a month to complete. That is one of the main benefits of finding an agency like ours. Free from the overhead of a traditional agency model and with a team that can expand or contract based on your current needs, we can think big and act small to keep your business evolving.

4. Without Strategy, Everything Is A Great Idea

At the heart of effective marketing lies efficiency and purpose. It’s not enough to create buzz; campaigns must be aligned with tangible business goals.

By marrying strategy with objectives, agencies like ours ensure that every marketing dollar is spent purposefully and precisely. It’s about driving results, increasing ROI, and making every marketing effort count.

5. Be Nimble and Knowing

Businesses often find themselves at a crossroads, unsure which path to take. Left or right, straight or zigzag? 

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, agility is key. But just being quick on your feet won’t always cut it! You need an agency that’s all about those real-talk sessions, ready to pivot at the drop of a hat—sometimes even before you realize you need it.

Still wondering if an agency partnership is right for you?

Consider this an invitation to explore new possibilities. Whether you choose to partner with LeftTurn or embark on your own journey, the key lies in finding the right agency fit and embracing clarity, flexibility, collaboration, and purpose-driven strategies. 

Book a call with Ann-Marie to learn more about the LeftTurn way. We think you’ll be a fan.

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