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February 29, 2024

Navigating The End of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program


Navigating the End of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program: Guidance for CDAP Approved Companies


The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), a government initiative aimed at assisting companies in Canada with their digitalization endeavours, has unexpectedly shut down new Boost Your Business Technology grant applications on February 20, 2024. This sudden move leaves many  approved companies wondering how it affects their status. 

The good news is that companies that have started the process can still reap the benefits of the program. 

The CDAP Program may be paused, but your digital progress does not have to. 


How To Pick A CDAP Digital Advisor?

The online Digital Advisor list is long and confusing in the CDAP portal.

We understand how tough it is to filter out which company is the best fit for your goals. If the list length paused your progress on CDAP, please connect with us so we can show you how easy it is to work with us and our approach.

LeftTurn does the heavy lifting so you don’t need to.

We aim to make this easy and flexible and help your firm get the most value out of the CDAP program. 


LeftTurn Strategy As Your CDAP Digital Advisor Partner

Here are the top reasons to consider us for your CDAP digital advisor partner:

  • LeftTurn Strategy comprehends the intricacies and hurdles that businesses encounter in the digital landscape.
  • Proud privilege of aiding 30+ clients across various sectors* in maximizing their digital potential. Clients have ranged from across the country and across industries. We have enjoyed every one! 
  • 100% of LeftTurn CDAP plans have achieved a 100% success rate upon submission. (Yes, this matters as the $15,000 grant is not delivered unless the plan submitted is approved. ALL LeftTurn submissions have been approved without fuss). 
  • 6-8 weeks from Kick Off to Completed Plan as we work collaboratively to ensure detailed recommendations are suited for your company. From audit to digital strategy and technology recommendations, each result is unique as your company.
  • Plan is 100% unique and personalized to your company. (Not all recommendations are right for all companies, no AI generated plans here!). One of the primary advantages of partnering with LeftTurn Strategy is our ability to deliver customized solutions that resonate with our clients’ specific needs and goals.
  • We consider ourselves partners in your business. LeftTurn has the broad experience and capability to navigate the digital transition with confidence and clarity. Together, we can help approved companies adapt, innovate, and thrive in an increasingly digital world.
  • No pressure sales tactics. Implementation is not part of the grant (as you already know) and there is no obligation to work with us after the plan. (If you do choose to hire us later, we’re thrilled, but that’s separate from CDAP).
  • Our experienced team. By collaborating with seasoned digital advisors, we bring layers of insight to help future-proof operations and capitalize on new emerging opportunities.
  • We’re smart, we’re fun and we do all the heavy lifting. You attend 3-4 meetings after a digital onboarding process (6 hours total). We present insights, information and implementation recommendations. LeftTurn does all the work so you can resubmit for the grant, easy peasy. 

With the abrupt conclusion of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, our expertise becomes even more crucial in helping approved companies chart a new path forward, quickly. 

The end of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program may have caught many approved companies off guard, but it doesn’t have to derail their digitization efforts.

Companies still seeking a Digital Advisor have time (9 months from their application date) to complete the CDAP plan and LeftTurn welcomes these Canadian small business clients.

Connect with us to have a quick conversation with LeftTurn partner, Ann-Marie Burton, to learn about our approach and how our CDAP approach is designed. 



* Product/ Ecommerce: Thesus Sustainable Footwear, Cocoon Apothecary, Nature Bee, Homeworks Etc., 

Food / Beverage/ Retail: Leaning Post Winery, Overflow Brewery, NEOB Niagara, Buck’s Hard Goods, One Plant Cannabis, 

B2B Service: Pursuit CPA, Niche for Design, Beltech Engineering, LGB Canada, SaniHealth Labs, Coderise Technologies

B2C Service: Maple Ridge Living, Latitude Health, The Healing Path, The Design Project, Meshwork & Co, Cedar & Steam, Milton Orthotics & Wellness, Power Cleaners, White Oaks Janitorial Services, Si & Oui, Molly Maid, Das Parts, Good Night Sleep Site,  Supreme Cheerleading,  Annex RMT,  Arete Financial Services, Fortelli Salon

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