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March 27, 2024
Navigating The Economy As An Owner/Operator Business

The Unique World of Corporate Marketing

When You’re a Marketing Team of One

Hello to our corporate warriors out there! Today, we’re specifically talking to those brave souls who might be a small marketing team or even a lone marketing director. If you’ve got your hands full and are feeling the squeeze from the current economic climate, Episode 14, Part 2 of The Turning Left Podcast is for you.

The Art of Juggling in Tough Times

Feeling Like a Circus Performer?

Let’s talk digital ecosystems — your ticket to replicating your best sales strategies online. Imagine a 24/7 marketing assistant that never sleeps. That’s what a solid digital ecosystem can do for you.

Evaluating Your Current Systems

Take a good look at your current systems. Some might need a bit of TLC, while others need a complete overhaul. Wherever you stand, now is the perfect time to tweak, update, and get things running smoother than a barista’s latte art.

Protecting Your Precious Marketing Budget

The Importance of Keeping the Budget Intact

Ah, the dreaded budget cuts. When times get tough, the marketing budget is often the first to get the chop. But here’s a little secret: cutting your marketing spend can be like trying to save money by not fueling your car. Spoiler alert—it won’t get you very far.

Using Data to Make Smart Cuts

Instead of slashing the budget across the board, let’s dive into the data. Think of it as a treasure map leading you to the most valuable investments. By focusing on what’s actually working, you can make strategic cuts that keep your marketing engine running smoothly. And if you don’t have access to data or need help interpreting it, LTS can help distinguish the details in the data you do have. We’ll guide you in making informed decisions to maximize your impact and efficiency.

Revisiting the Oldies but Goodies: Trade Shows and Conferences

Using Data to Make Smart Cuts

Remember trade shows? Those bustling events with swag bags and fancy booths? They’re making a comeback! If you haven’t done one in years and your team is feeling a bit rusty, don’t panic. We can help you shine brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54. From sprucing up your assets to creating eye-catching collateral and developing a stand-out booth that draws in the crowds, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise will ensure you leave a lasting impression, making your return to the trade show scene not just memorable but unforgettable.

Wrapping Up: A Friendly Chat About Your Path Forward

In conclusion, dear friends, navigating this economic rollercoaster requires agility and strategy. Whether you need a digital ecosystem overhaul, budget-savvy tips, or a trade show revival, we’re here to lend a hand (and maybe a joke or two).

So, let’s have a chat! We’d love to look at what you’ve got going on, what’s worked in the past, and where you want to go. Together, we’ll map out a path that keeps your business thriving, no matter what the economy throws at you.

Book a call with our leadership team today and stay tuned for more Coles Notes from the Turning Left Podcast, where we keep things real, fun, and incredibly useful.

See you next time, and remember: when in doubt, turn left!

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