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Small Businesses! Say HI to AI and other time saving tools

As a small business like you, we’re always looking for the most efficient and effective use of our time. AI is helping us get creative and get sh*t done. It can help you too. We’re going to highlight a few awesome and easy-to-use tools (with some caveats!) that will hopefully make your marketing life a little more manageable and fun!


The Power of Celebration: Top 6 Reasons + Ways to Embrace Your Small Business Wins

Looking for a fun way to fast-forward success? Start celebrating your wins! Research shows giving yourself and your team a pat on the back for work done well has far-reaching benefits.

Changing the Path
for Sustainable Growth

Nothing brings us more joy than giving back to the community where we live, work and play. Our latest mission dedicates LeftTurn time and resources to up and coming entrepreneurs who value people and planet.
Their soon to be shared stories will reveal how our “give to grow” approach not only supports blossoming business but also going green.

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There’s no exact path in The Left Way. Wondering if we are too different? Or not different enough? Curious about a second opinion or if LeftTurn can help? We never shy away from a chat to learn more about you.

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